Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Racists: Idiots

BBC News has an interesting/horrifying article on the impact of racism on voters in western Pennsylvania, an area that Pennsylvania's own congressman John Murtha described as both "racist" and "redneck". Racism is the X factor in the presidential election. Some are scared of the so-called Bradley Effect, that is, the tendency for poll numbers to incorrectly favor black candidates because white voters are too embarrassed to admit to pollsters that they won't vote for a black person. Of course, there's never been a major black presidential candidate, so there's no telling how much of an issue racism will really be across the country. But if the quotes the BBC was able to coax out of these Pennsylvanians are any indication, racists may be too stupid to find their way to the polls. From a local waitress: "I like McCain because I can say his name...[Obama's] from Africa or something...I think American presidents should be from America." From a local radio host: "I had one caller who said he thinks Obama is Osama with plastic surgery." And from a registered Democrat who refuses to vote for Obama: "Blacks just cause trouble, that's the taste I've got in my mouth." Which, I'm assuming, means this gentleman will suck a black man's cock before he'd vote for one. More horror here.

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