Friday, October 17, 2008

Blair Witch Gnome 2: Book of Shadows

Last October, some teenagers in Argentina recorded cell phone video of what they say was a black-clad, sideways-stepping "midget monster" in a pointy hat. That came after sightings of a similar creature were reported the previous October. Well, October has rolled around again, and Argentina's Blair Witch Gnome is back. This time, a group of young people were singing and dancing around a fountain in Clodomira (yes, living in Argentina is exactly like Evita) when they say they spotted the creature. Luckily, they were also able to capture some footage, and it definitely looks like whatever the teens from earlier this year saw. Except that these people claim the gnome was "barking like a dog". This would seem to suggest that it might actually be a dog, which is what many skeptics have said about the first footage. Honestly, it's hard to see a dog in either clip, but one thing does seem strange. Both pieces of footage are remarkably similar in how they're staged. Everyone's hanging out in the middle of the road, having a good time, when suddenly there's panic and the camera phone operator zooms in on the gnome. No one goes to investigate. No one laughs and says something like, "Is that a midget in a gnome hat?" It's a little too perfect to believe, so I'm leaning towards the hoax theory. Plus, this comes from The Sun, which is about as scrupulous and reliable as one of Sarah Palin's speeches. Also, there's the not insignificant fact that gnomes are fictional characters. More details (with video) here.

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