Monday, October 6, 2008

Better Wine Through Science

A British inventor named Casey Jones (no, not the hokey mask wearing friend to high-kicking turtles, nerd) has created a machine that he says will turn a cheap-ass box of wine into something similar to a high-dollar vintage. The Ultrasonic Wine Ager, which is about the size of an ice bucket, is alleged to work by colliding the alcohol molecules within the wine, simulating the effects of aging. According to Jones, any kind of beverage that’s supposed to taste better aged will benefit from the device. He’s even gotten a wine maker or two on board, though he stresses that restaurants shouldn’t use the device to try and pass off cheap wine as something that will impress your date. The one odd bit about this story is that Jones says he used the machine on orange juice, which then looked brighter and tasted fresher. But isn’t this thing supposed to do the opposite? Or am I just not letting my O.J. age properly? More details here.

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