Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Cyprus Serpent

Crazy people and other officials on the island of Cyprus are frantically searching for their very own Loch Ness Monster, a sea creature reportedly roaming the depths near the Kouris Dam. For three years, people have reported spotting the creature. Local city workers will try and lure the beast into the open by tempting it with live hens, raw meat, and succulent virgins. Okay, maybe not virgins. I hear they're not easy to find on Cyprus (zing!). Community leader Savvas Sava (sounds made-up...) even told a local newspaper that they'd better get to work building a facility to house the creature once it's found, since it will no doubt become a major tourist attraction. The only problem here is that there's no real evidence such a creature exists. Plus, the onset of sightings started around the same time a crocodile was known to have been released in the same waters. Furthermore, even if there is a mystical snake monster, you know the U.S. government will just steal it for weaponization purposes unless the charming boy who's grown to love it leads a daring rescue operation. That's just how these things work. More details here.

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