Friday, October 31, 2008

Quite an Intereshting Shtory

Phonagnoshia ish a dishorder that preventsh people from being able to dishtinguish one voish from another. It'sh ushually a shide effect of shtroke or brain damage, but one woman being shtudied at Univershity College London sheems to have been born with it. Call her on the phone, and she couldn't tell you who you are. But doctorsh have been exshperimenting with playing the woman clipsh of the voishes of famoush people. For shome reashon, they've dishcovered, her phonagnoshia doeshn't shtop her from identifying the dishtinct Shcottish brogue of actor/woman shlapper Sean Connery. By shtudying the tonesh and cadenshes of Connery'sh voish, doctorsh may now be able to get a better grashp on this dishorder and figure out how to help people overcome itsh limitationsh. More detailsh here.

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