Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catholics Want Your Kids (3-D)

To you and me, 3-D movies might be insufferably distracting or headache-inducing or, the the case of "Avatar", horrible. But we're crotchety old bastards. The kids these days can't get enough of the 3-D. Which is never more apparent than when they're staring into their flat, two-dimensional iPhone screens. And this is why the Catholic Church just launched their first 3-D programs on their cable network, CatholicTV. Of course, watching 3-D television requires owning a 3-D capable TV, which almost nobody does. But this is a way to make CatholicTV future proof. Eventually, 3-D TVs will be commonplace. Unless, of course, people realize they don't give a shit about 3-D. So, these new 3-D shows are a way to reel in the kids who will never know a non-3-D world. Sounds like a foolproof plan! Except for the fact that now may not be the time for the church to brag about its efforts to lure children. So... You know. More details here.

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