Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Maybe I'm just a member of Bob Barker's cult of personality, but it seems like if you own a dog, you'd pay to have it spayed or neutered. Not only do you not have to worry about unwanted puppies, but you also cut way down on the discomfort of having little Princess interrupt your dinner parties with her swollen, bleeding vagina. Plus, cutting the balls off your boy dog early enough condemns him to a life of squatting like a chick when he pees, which is pretty hilarious. But those of you who can't afford the surgery or just really, really like looking at swollen, bleeding dog pussies now have another alternative: a chastity belt for pooches. Called the Pet Anti-Breeding System, this complicated rigging of nylon straps and plastic clasps keeps any wayward lipstick from entering your furry friend. But as the NBC reporter points out in the original story, these belts are only for female dogs. Seems a bit sexist. Logistically, a male chastity belt would be a bit more difficult. But they could just sell multiple sizes of containment pouch: one for growers and one for showers. More details here.

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