Thursday, March 18, 2010

Germ Trail

Bad news, robbers and sex perverts. Looks like science has figured out a new way to track everything you've recently touched. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have successfully used the germs left behind when a person touches something to identify that person at a later date. Your germ signature may even survive prolonged temperature changes, sunlight, and other degradation factors. It might be a while before this kind of investigatory technique is used in the field, but it probably won't be long before a pair of latex gloves is rendered useless when you're trying to rifle through some sleepy family's DVD collection and/or search through your neighbor's panties without leaving a trace. Unless, of course, you subject yourself to a sanitizing bath of dangerous UV radiation first. So, like all crime, a little risk/reward analysis is probably in order. More details here.

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