Monday, March 1, 2010

Fish Boy

A young boy in eastern China appears to have grown a layer of fish-like scales all over his skin. Unfortunately, this isn't a sign that humanity will evolve to thrive in the coming waterworld. Despite the fact that this is less an awesome mutation and more a tragic genetic disorder, locals have taken to calling this poor kid "fish boy". But what look like scales are actually just skin that's peeling away due to a lack of pores. This condition, called Lamellar ichthyosis, prevents the skin from venting body heat. The boy's parents have to dip him in ice baths just to keep him from running a constant fever. There is no cure. It's a sad story, I know, but I thought I should tell you lest you simply read the headline somewhere and start thinking your offspring will have a shot at being born with kick-ass gills and the inherent ability to fight Dennis Hopper on the open sea. More details here.

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