Monday, March 1, 2010

Midi-chlorian Economics

A lot of companies are resorting to desperate measures in their battle against the global economic apocalypse. Movie studios would love you to pay a 3-D glasses premium on every film released until the end of time. Toyota will send a live geisha to your house every time you test drive one of their death traps. And Adidas, the sportswear makers permanently identified with '80s era New York hip hop and suburban white kids who really want to pretend they're into '80s era New York hip hop, have teamed up with a global merchandising juggernaut to help boost sales. Yes, they've turned to Star Wars, which may be the only brand still going strong in the retail market despite the fact that the intellectual property on which it's based isn't much more than a rotting rape victim in the pop cultural ditch. In the coming months, Adidas will be rolling out Stormtrooper track jackets, Princess Leia kicks, and Bombad knows what else. This may seem like an absurd pairing of corporate mentalities, but Adidas hopes to make some sense of this mashup by employing Snoop Dogg as their Star Wars line's celebrity spokesman. Why? Because Snoop likes Star Wars. Also, because Snoop likes paychecks. But doesn't everyone? More details here.

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