Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Drinky Ghost

Employees at a British liquor store believe they may be the victims of a haunting. Security cameras outside the Simply Food & Drinks in Botcherby, England have captured what appears to be a white mist that seemed to float in and out of the store over an hour-long period one Tuesday night. One clerk says she was skeptical of spirits before this terrifying encounter. "I have never believed in things like ghosts until that night but unless somebody can explain to me what it was, I believe now." Not to be a Negative Nancy here, but there are a couple of problems with this story. Instead of, say, going outside to look for the mist in real-life space, people in the shop instead crowded around the security monitor to watch it. Perhaps it was something more than a camera artifact, but due to their terrible investigation skills, we'll never know. Also, it seems odd that a lifelong disbelief in ghosts would be shattered simply because you've seen a white blob on a TV screen. I don't believe in the Keebler Elves, and I don't think I'd reverse my position if I happened to find a tree that smelled like shortbread cookies. But if this really was a disembodied spirit, locals hypothesize that it may have come from an apartment across the street that's been undergoing renovations. In which case, I can understand. Ghost or no, living in a construction zone is enough to drive anyone to hop across the street for a drink. More details here.

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