Friday, March 5, 2010

The Gay Disease

It may not seem like it to anyone who's sat in the backseat of a Las Vegas taxi while the driver waxed psychopathic about how Ron Paul will save this country from the New World Order, but there's an official peacekeeping body that enforces safety rules among Vegas' fleet of cabs. The Taxicab Authority has the power to detain drivers of questionable capacity as well as to arrest suspect passengers when necessary. And like any peacekeeping body, they have a policy manual spelling out how to deal with just about any eventuality. Part of this manual deals with those suspects who might pose a health risk. Specifically, it lists the types of people who might be likely to transmit an infectious disease. The list includes drug users with track marks, prostitutes, and homosexuals. Yep, according to the Las Vegas Taxicab Authority, officers should don gloves and other protective gear before manhandling the gays. How and why this statute was ever included in the manual is a point of contention. But former TA officer Scott Lewis says he was flabbergasted to discover it. "It took my breath away to read that," he said. "My question is, what is a homosexual? How can you tell? Would you ask them, ‘Are you homosexual?' and then stop, as it says, for your personal protective equipment?" Sure, there's the identification problem. But there's also the fact that gay people are no more likely to transmit diseases on contact than, say, the average CPA convention attendee on the prowl for a fuckable tranny. More details here.

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