Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nanny Fanny

Bad news, working mothers. According to psychiatrist Dr. Dennis Friedman, delegating any sort of parental responsibility for your new baby might turn him into a serial cheater later in life. He says boys who are cared for by nannies or au pairs will grow up believing that even though they may have a primary female partner in life (a wife, a primary polyamorous love partner, etc.), he'll always need another woman to fulfill his needs. And while nannies may lead boys to fuck around, girls also aren't immune. The unbalanced dynamic caused by a part-time caregiver could turn women into alcoholics, drug addicts, or worse. It's worth noting, however, that Dr. Friedman is only one man. He could be completely wrong about this. It's possible that he himself was reared by a nanny, and he's choosing to fill his "vacuum of need" by conducting bullshit research. Just saying. More details here.

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