Friday, March 5, 2010

Voodoo Rile

Remember how that earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of Haitians? No, the other earthquake. No, HAITIANS! Yeah, that one. Anyway, there was recently a gathering in Haiti's Cite Soleil to honor the dead and pray that their spirits will be guided safely through the afterlife. You'd think no one would have a problem with this, but you should know that these people were Voodooists. So you can understand why they were set upon by a mob of angry Christian evangelicals who pelted them with rocks and urinated on their religious implements. Love thy neighbor and all that. Well, except when your neighbor practices Voodoo. Unfortunately, the Voodooists weren't able to fight back, since it takes three forevers to make a little doll of just one person, much less an angry mob. But many Voodooists have been intimidated into converting to Christianity. Some feel safer knowing they won't be victimized by Christian pee flingers. Others honestly believe that the earthquake itself was a punishment from God for practicing Voodoo. And some think that Voodooists might be overlooked when it comes to handing out food and water to the poor and homeless. Because everyone knows Jesus hid the loaves and fishes from that dude who was dancing with a chicken. More details here.

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