Monday, March 29, 2010


One of the consequences of urban expansion is that wildlife are finding it more and more difficult to eke out a living in the wilderness. Imagine you're the head of a coyote family, for instance. Are you going to build your den in the middle of some pine trees if there's a good chance those trees will just be cleared in a few years to make room for another Walgreen's? This is why I'm not surprised that so many wild animals seem to be nosing around metropolitan areas. Where else are they going to live? Several weeks ago, a zebra was caught trying to use the carpool lane on Atlanta's interstates, and now a coyote has been nabbed on the bustling streets of New York City. Sadly, these animals have been captured and relocated. I'm not one to jump to Hitler comparisons, but I can't help but notice this is eerily similar to what happened in the Warsaw ghettos. At the very least, it's unfair to the poor animals, who are just trying to find a rent controlled place where they can go home after a long hunt in the subway tunnels. I, for one, welcome our coming animal neighbors. Unless they lower my property values. In which case, I'm moving to the suburbs. More details here.

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