Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dumphausen by Proxy

I enjoy stories about people who've decided to take this flaccid global economy by the ears and skullfuck it into submission. This is one of those stories. 35-year-old Bradley Laborman has created IDUMP4U.com, a website where he offers to call up your significant other and break up with him or her for a small $10 fee. He also records some of these calls and puts them on YouTube for our entertainment, so he's a businessman who's also giving back to the community. Sort of like when Walmart sent all that bottled water to New Orleans after Katrina. In fact, this is exactly like that. When asked whether he feels it's a good idea to take advantage of people suddenly thrust into a crippling emotional state, Laborman says there's no reason to worry. "I have a minor in psychology," he explains. So, we're in expert hands. More details here. And thanks to Brad for the link.

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