Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nettymon (Monster in My Net)

A Newfoundland fisherman says he caught a very strange creature in one of his nets. At first he thought it was a whale, but it had no blowhole. Also, its skin was a smooth blue-green, its neck was eight to ten feet long, it had camel lips, and its tail was three-pointed. So, nothing at all like a whale, really. As amazing as this find might have been for science and as wealthy as the discovery of a new type of sea monster may have made this fisherman, I'm afraid we're left with no evidence that this story is true. The fisherman says he wanted to collect the corpse for photographing and testing, but he had a doctor's appointment. When he returned to the scene of the catch, the creature had sunk to the bottom of the bay. And, obviously, man has yet to master undersea exploration. More details here.

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