Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Disappearing Gold

A team of German scientists have successfully created a material that acts as a sort of invisibility cloak. The material's composition of layered photonic crystals causes it to bend light. As proof of concept, researchers covered a small bump in a gold surface with the material, making the bump seem to disappear. It'll be years before this invisibility fabric can be manufactured at a scale large enough to conceal substantial objects like people or fighter jets or the shrine you've built to your sexy neighbor. In the meantime, I'm wondering why these scientists are testing the material on gold. Perhaps they intend to hide their treasure? Or maybe they're marketing the material to those tycoons who currently spend fortunes keeping their fortunes behind lock and key. New technology is always adopted by the wealthiest consumers first. Speaking as a wealthy gentleman myself, I'd be willing to spend all sorts of cash to rid my mansion of all these man-sized safes in favor of just hiding my riches in random piles covered with invisible tarps. Every time a guest stubs her toe, I'll laugh a little inside. Before I dip her in wax and add her to my macabre museum of human horrors. You know, like wealthy people do. More details here.

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